NOTE: I usually hit < d > and set up my layout this way. You pick, and make it 'Default', if you like.

1. Open Layout - go to Load Object, and find your Spider file. After it loads, view it in the Perspective View


2. In the Top View, select the camera, move < t > and rotate < y > the camera to your liking


3. Rotate and move the light(s). You can add lights as well, and there are lighting tutorials out and about.


4. The Camera View reflects your changes. When you're finished, save the Scene - e.g. Spdr_Scn 1


5. Select the Abdomen. Open Surface Editor. Click on < WINDOWS > Drop to' Presets', and find a texture you like. Double-click on your selection, and say 'YES' to the Load Confirmation


6. Select the 'Eye" and you see the previously applied black texture. I added some shine and reflection to it


7. Select the 'Forebody'. Find a suitable Preset texture. I'm using FPrime as a preview, you can enable Viper


8. Having selected a Preset texture does not mean you can't change it. Here I am changing the Rippled Glass texture color, by clicking on the color square (7.)


9. Choose a color in the Colors window, and hit 'Ok" and the Rippled Glass Preset texture will change color, as did the forebody.


10. Lastly, select the Legs. I decided to use the rock Preset 'Marble' for the legs. The choice is entirely yours.


11. After changing the colors, go to the upper right Modeler button, and once there, save the LW object file (you'll notice the ' * ' indicating that the file has been changed), to incorporate the texture changes made in Layout, since the scene file won't save surface properties. It doesn't hurt to occasionally go back and forth, after having made changes in Layout.


12. Go to the tab Render > Render Globals, and set up the desired shadows, the output file location (monitor for me) and so on.


13. Select the Camera, click on Propeties or hit < p > and set up the anti-aliasing levels.



Hit < F9 > and let the excellent LW render engine do the rest. The final render



In case of questions or comments, contact me (Karl Stocker - aka pixeltek) at

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