A flash from the past (back, when I still had hair, though my pilot didn't: 1985.) I had just flown into China Lake, CA, from Point Mugu (near Oxnard and Ventura). Those were the days..."sob, sniff" - the aircraft is a US NAVY F-4 fighter.


My 2002 Subaru Legacy GT...

...and my 2010 Porsche Boxster S


Me, 2013, in Tulum, Mexico


At Siggraph 2000 (Computer Graphics Show) in the New Orleans Convention Center


With the charming Mr. Dick Van Dyke at Siggraph 2004 in the Los Angeles Convention Center


Rose, a lovely Turkish acquaintance on the night train to Istanbul in 2005


In Hama, Syria, during the Spring Festival Parade 2006. I was taking lots of pics, which I had later burned on a CD and then left for all to copy at the Riad Hotel, and one teacher asked me to pose with some of her kids, and she took the picture.


Spring 2008 at the new Siem Riep, Cambodia, airport with Jordana, a friend and travel buddy from Buenos Aires, on our way to visit the Angkor Wat and for me to marvel at the changes that happened in the 10 years since I was here last


Some Big Friends:

Some Little Friends:

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