Believe it, or not, even I was once young. Here are some of the pictures that I present as evidence.

Sent to me via Canada and places me in Eiskellerberg elementary school for the annual carneval festivity, when we were allowed to wear costumes. Alexander is 3rd from left and I am next to him, 4th in line. Late 1950's.


The high school was an all boys school, as was the fashion back then, in around 1960 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Here a bunch of hapless freshmen.


There, a jock even back then. Way over on the right, grinning happily.


Already knowing practically all there is to know, a bunch of still hapless seniors about to be sent into the wilderness.


And here is what happened to us, at least evidenced by the ones who showed up for an impromptu class reunion (Klassentreffen) in Nov 2013 in Düsseldorf


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