We have quakes and mud slides, but when the weather is fine, and I cruise south on PCH1 toward Malibu and Santa Monica, it's hard to beat.



When I was young, ignorant and happy
and the future was filled with promise and unlimited possibilities


Oxnard, a small coastal town one hour north of Los Angeles is typically free of smog and cool in the summer and mild in the winter.

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NAS Point Mugu was my place of work for 16 years. It has some of the prettiest beaches in the area.

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during a NAS Point Mugu  airshow

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As a Navy Reserve aircrew member, I served as P-3 host to masses of visitors during our big annual Point Mugu airshow.

On the right a VP-65 P-3 on the tarmac at Point Mugu.


This is one of the huge blimp hangars, located at Moffet Field, San Jose, also home of the NASA Ames Research Center. This one, the largest of them was used on the X Files TV series.

VP-65 logo & patch

A contrast of new and old in the harbor of Port Hueneme, also West Coast home of the Navy CBs.


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