Teaching Philosophy Statement

Not to bore you with political sound bites, I just want to tell you my honest feelings about teaching.

I chose Single Subject Science, for reasons of a lifelong association with, and interest in, science and technology. I feel that I can provide instruction that will be interesting and that encourages questioning minds to delve deeper into the mysteries and excitement of those areas. I have a knack of explaining complicated things in simple ways and thus allow kids to understand complex ideas in ways that permit them to feel comfortable and willing to return for more. Being a native German speaker prompted me to pursue that credential as well.

To me, having substituted for a reasonably long time (over two years) grades K-12, each day in school is a little adventure, and I seem to walk away with new knowledge as just as the children hopefully do. I care for children deeply and believe that every child in the classroom has abilities that, if brought to the surface, will allow that child to ultimately become an independently thinking, contributing, and participating member of this great society. In my opinion, that's what teaching is all about.