Curriculum Vitae:

In 2003 I completed a post-graduate program at National University leading to the California Single Subject Teaching certification in Science. Subsequently, I passed the three required tests by the California Teaching Credentialing Commission for single subject science and the CSET for German. Oct 2005 I passed the CA-required Constitution Test at Am. River College and applied for a teaching internship through National University.

Curriculum Vitae:

My current credential is an Internship credential granted by the State of California to be able to teach in a monitored situation at Del Campo High School, Carmichael, CA. I reenrolled at National University to complete the final seminars as part of my Internship program, leading to the MS Ed degree and a CA single subject teaching certificate.

Jan 2007 to Jun 2007: Teaching: Earthscience at Del Campo High School, Carmichael, CA.

Jun 2006 to Jul 2006: Teaching: Grades 8/9 Math Intervention at Mira Loma High School, Carmichael, CA

Aug 2005 to Jan 2006: Teaching: Earthscience at Mesa Verde High School, Citrus Heights, CA.

Jan 2005 to Jun 2005: Teaching: Earthscience and Lifescience at Mesa Verde High School, Citrus Heights.

Oct 2004 to Jan 2005: Teaching Algebra 1A at Mesa Verde High School, Citrus Heights, CA.

Aug 2003 to Oct 2003: Student teaching 9th grade science at Casa Roble high school in Citrus Heights, CA.

1) Name of college or university: National University, Sacramento, CA
Field of Study: Education
Units: Qtr: 45
Dates Attended: From Dec 2002 To 2004
Degree to be Awarded: CA Teaching Credential, MS Ed.

(2) Name of college or university: LaVerne University, CA
Field of Study: Major Bus. Managment
Units: Qtr: 47
Dates Attended: From 1981 To 5/13/1983 Degree Awarded: MS Bus. Admin.

(3) Name of college or university: Arizona State University, AZ
Field of Study: Pol Sci, English
Units: Sem: 100
Dates Attended: From 1974 To 5/30/1977 Degree Awarded: B.S.

(4) Name of college or university: Glendale City College, AZ
Field of Study: Science
Units: Sem: 28
Dates Attended: From 1971 To 1974 Degree Awarded: N/A

Transcripts available on request. A full set is on file with National University: Tel. (916) 855-4295

List of languages, other than English:

(1) German: Read Speak Write Fluently
(2) French: Some knowledge