Karl Stocker, Citrus Heights CA 95610, USA


Jan 2007 to Present: Teaching: Earthscience Spring term at Del Campo High School, Carmichael, CA.

Jun 2006 to Jul 2006: Teaching: Grades 8/9 Math Intervention at Mira Loma High School, Carmichael, CA

Aug 2005 to Jan 2006: Teaching: Earthscience at Mesa Verde High School, Citrus Heights, CA.

Jan 2005 to Jun 2005: Teaching: Earthscience and Lifescience at Mesa Verde High School, Citrus Heights.

Oct 2004 to Jan 2005: Teaching Algebra 1A at Mesa Verde High School, Citrus Heights, CA.

Aug 2003 to Oct 2003: Student teaching 9th grade science at Casa Roble high school in Citrus Heights, CA.

Jul 1997 to Sep 2004: Since Jan 2002 I have been working as high school teacher and substitute teacher in Placer & Sacramento Counties, CA. I designed some web pages & taught myself 3D Computer Graphics Modeling, mainly using Newtek Lightwave 3D. See my website for work completed.

16 Civil Service (NAS Pt Mugu/China Lake/Pentagon) F/A18; 2 McDonnell Douglas (F-4, F/A-18); 12 USAF B-52 & F-4 WCS maint; one year ANG; 11 USN Reserve: first as part of the ASWOC at Patuxent River, MD; next F-14 Electr. Repair shop at NAS Point Mugu; then 8 years P-3 Aircrew (500hrs+) AW; Ret. Oct. 1992 (24 yrs total mil. service).

JUL 1996 to May 1997: NAWCWD, Pt. Mugu, CA, GS-12:
Until civil service draw-down-initiated early retirement, I worked in Threat Targets and other Navy Flight Test departments. For the threat targets department preflight test planning, I represented the fighter weapons point of view.

JUL 1995 to JUL 1996: HPCMO, Arlington VA, GS-12
Long-term TDY to the DOD High Performance Computing Modernization Program Office (HPCMO), Arlington VA, as Navy Test & Evaluation representative. Worked with Director of Navy T&E, & HPCMO management, and briefed top DOD Test & Evaluation Pentagon staff. Throughout my career I maintained records using MS Word and Excel, as well as presented information in MS Powerpoint.

1981 to JUN 1995: NAWCWD, Pt. Mugu, CA, GS-12
1. Member of the F-14D Bombsight Development Program team: I wrote the instruction package for the use of the laser tracking system, and used the F-14D simulator to evaluate software changes.
2. For the F/A-18-APG-65-AMRAAM integration I organized, participated in, and coordinated the design of the Gunbay Data Acquisition System (GDAS), which I had manufactured and wired by groups at different Naval Air stations and finally tested at McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis. I wrote the manual for that system as well. GDAS was flown for the life of the F-18A/B/C/D program at Point Mugu and later at China Lake.
3. APG-65-AMRAAM integration flight testing program: Being the sole government-side T&E team member, I participated in planning, monitoring, coordinating, conducting, scheduling, reporting and evaluating systems integration testing of software and hardware systems. This included: support lab, ground and flight test events, i.e. making real-time go-no-go calls based on aircraft, missile, or APG-65 radar performance; coordination, configuration and tracking of test assets to support these tests; scheduling test events; originate test cards, brief flight profiles and requirements and do post-flight debriefs; monitoring aircraft and radar/weapons systems flight conditions and limitations using available communications and telemetry resources; originate detail test reports to document results and anomalies.
4. Advanced Air-to-Air Missile (AAAM) program: reviewed and discussed design proposals for integrating AAAM on F/A-18 and the F-14D, and planning and monitoring of initial ground and airborne fit tests.
5. Being bilingual, I assisted the German ICE program (F-4G/APG-65) during T&E ops here at Point Mugu.
6. Additionally, I trained military & civilian personnel in data analysis, flight-test basics & the use of computers. I also taught radar and electronics courses to Vp-65 Navy Reserve personnel

1978-81: McDonnell Douglas: St Louis MO; Hulman Field IN; Patuxent River MD
Field Service Engineer (FSE) with McDonnell Douglas (F/A-18, F-4C):

1. Worked a one-year assignment as Radar and Weapons System FSE at Hulman Field, IN, where the 15th TFW was converted from F-100s to the F-4D. Here I taught Radar theory and weapons systems maintenance to the ANG maintenance personnel.

2. After in-house training on digital electronics and the F/A-18 weapons integration system, I served on the F/A-18 Full Scale Development (FSD) program team at NAS Patuxent River, MD. Subsequently I was selected for the FSE team to accompany the first deployment of the F/A-18 to NAS Point Mugu, CA with VX1.

USAF: 12 sem. units electronics; intro to various prog. Languages; GPS & radar courses, etc.; MDD, St. Louis, MO: digital architecture, digital circuit design. Flew in and some stick time in a range of aircraft incl. Cessna 150, De Havilland Dove, P-3 (600 hrs), F-4, A-7, A-3, during Vietnam War, the Jolly Green Giant.

Graduated from mini-Test Pilot School (taught by Dr. Shawn Roberts at Pt. Mugu and Mohave Airport).

SECURITY CLEARANCE: SECRET (Interim TS for Navy Res.) I have had a minimum of secret clearance since 1967 with only a minor disruption (break in service) until 1997. Re-establishing any clearance for the current break in service should be a relatively simple matter.

EDUCATION (Highlights):
1) ASU, Tempe , AZ: BS Pol. Sci.

2) LaVerne U, CA: MS Bus. Mgmt., 3 sem. Calc.

3) Glendale CC, AZ: 2 sem. Phys. 3 sem Bio, Alg 101/2, Trig

4) Oxnard CC, CA: Chem. 101.

5) In 1998 I passed the CBEST. Since then I worked as a K-12 substitute teacher.

6) In 2002/3 I passed the CA Science Teacher Tests: SST & Praxis II, as well as the German Teacher credentialing tests.

7) In 2003 I completed the entire academic portion of the curriculum leading to a Masters in Teaching Science from National U.

8) 2005 (Oct) passed the CA-required Constitutional Test and applied for teaching internship.

Extra-curricular: I have been an AAFA certified physical fitness trainer. I am also widely traveled (46 countries). Following extensive military travel (incl. Thailand, Korea, Guam, Taiwan, Okinawa, P.I., and Misawa, Jpn), as a civilian in 1999 I spent two months in Vietnam, Cambodia, & Singapore. In 2000 I visited Russia, Azerbajan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, & Kazakhstan. In 2001 I spent six months touring all of Europe and Morocco. In 2005 I traveled by train through the Balkan from Vienna to Budapest, to Bucharest, to Sofia, to Istanbul, and beyond. In April through May 2006 traveled Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, & Israel.