George Lucas

Digital imagery pioneer and story teller.

After 30 years, finally cobbling Star Wars Episode 3 together, to wrap it all up. Unneccessarily, IMO. I would have been happier with an E7 through E9. That way all of the E4-E6 technology and the awesome story could have been developed forward. How exciting that would have been. Just read the books. There is tons of material there.

Come to think of it, the Star Trek people made that same mistake by creating a 'prequel' with the Enterprise series. With decades of special effects behind them, since the original Star Trek, the only way you can go is foward, never back, unless you return to the primitive ways of filming and modeling that existed when the originals were initially made. As it is, the beautifully crafted 'prequels' are bound to fail simply because they end up not fitting properly in front of the originals.

My fingers are crossed that someone will talk Mr. Lucas into permitting a continuation of the saga, using some of the brilliant stories from the Star Wars universe as basis for the screen plays.

Still a nice and thoughtful man, as shown in a recent 2016 interview. The newly minted billionaire watching his creation, his baby, change and grow in the hands of the Disney Corporation, he now has a different goal, a new (very fortunate) baby with his new wife to raise and watch grow. He happily declared that he would want to be known someday for being a good dad.





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