The First Hang Gliding Lesson


This is what the goal is. The lesson is quite different as you can see, but no less exciting. There was not one person who took it, and suddenly left the platform of the moving training Flight Deck, as the instructor called it, and found themselves flying, who did not have a wall to wall smile on their face. The instructor will, within a few lessons, get you to flying off an actual hill and then a mountain. He's been at this for over 30 years..


If we had not been tethered, none of us, I am certain, would have remained aloft very long and left the platform moving at 17-22mph with not a very happy ending. What this system allowed us to do was to learn the flying characteristics of the wing and become familiar with it.



The three others in my group of four apperared equally delighted


I found the training lesson special in the amazon local ads that most of us probably get. Next year I will definitely pursue this further.

The place is called Dive High and this is their website:


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