Built from scratch in LW 11.6.3 and rendered in F-Prime.

However, I don't know enough about instancing in Lightwave 3D to be able to create these rocks. So, being just a 3D VFX fan and an old (literally) hobbyist, I 'borrowed' the backdrop from an image by The Light Works, and used it for my old Enterprise model. Below is a link to their fantastic website.


The Light Works crew had a great admirer in me for many years. Not only are they highly proficient in the use of whatever 3D graphics programs they are using but their output is creative and beautiful. In addition, we like to say that the devil is in the details, and do these artists get into the weeds of things. But check them out for yourself. Theirs is definitely a website to behold.


Star Trek Files and Meshes
For meshes, textures, and all things Star Trek, this is an excellent resource


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