Cloud City

Departing Cloud City

The Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

(BTW, It is Mr. G. Lucas' favorite vehicle of the entire Star Wars saga, so he says. I can see why that is.)

My Lightwave X-Wing tutorial is here


Among my resources are:

1. From Star Wars to Indiana Jones, The Best of Lucasfilm Archives.

2. The Art of Star Wars (the original by C. Titelman). I know there is a new version out, but have not yet seen it.

3. Pictures that I took of the large X-Wing display at the last Siggraph exhibit in LA, such as this one.

4. Excellent reference photos come from here: Click on either Image to go to their Restoration Page. And now I am beginning to wonder if the one we had at Siggraph was not the same one this group had restored. I mean, how many of those things are in existence anyway?

My questions have been answered: I just received an email from Mr. Kevin Christly. Here is an excerpt:

..." I can confirm that the X-Wing at SIGGRAPH was indeed the one we restored here in Denver (and that you have a pic of below it on your page).

There were seven 3/4 -Scale X-Wings made, and of them, only 4 are still with us today. The Denver X-Wing (that you saw at SIGGRAPH) is the only one owned by LFL that tours the US (although there is one in TX owned by private collectors). The others are in Germany and Australia.

How do I know? I'm the restoration lead on the project for LFL & the Rocky Mountain Fan Force. And that's me in the pic on your page. ;)...

Kevin Christley"

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