Work In Progress

Nefertiti (Nofretete)

Re-rendered in f-prime radiosity, to see how a light dome would work.

Finally finished the body. Still have to do tweaks here and there. Then create the texture, eyebrows, pose, add dress, and scene.

The original bust is from about 1350 BC from Amarna, near modern Minya, the city she and her husband had built when they broke away from the mainstream Egyptian belief system in the many gods, that had been since ancient times, centered around the temple complex at Karnak.

Skin color: she is definitely a Mid-Eastern type, and the ancient inscriptions decribe her as beautiful and "fair of skin". How fair is anybody's guess.

Since she was Akhenaten's wife, I had planned to model her for some time now. I am using images of the bust, displayed in the Berlin Egyptian Museum as a reference: see Ref pic. below.