It's the season

Citrus Heights, Lake Village


My COVID-19 Entertainment and Exercise place is a meticulously maintained mobile home park with a small lake. I asked permission from the management to ride my bike there. Yesterday (03-17-21), I had a late start and ended up leaving the park, after my iusual 15-mile ride, when the sun was very low on the horizon. The local turkeys were strutting around like I've never seen before. A stunning display. I raced home, which is right next door to the Lake Village Park, and returned by pickup with my camera. I grabbed a few shots of this surely very serious, although to me, very amusing situation.


See the old dude over there? He pretends to not notice us. He's so very 'last year's season'. Heck, I can hear his joints click.
Oh yeah, old man. Take a walk. We're right behind you.
Tail to claw, dressed to impress - the old man hasn't got a prayer. We can do this standing on one leg. Let's show him how it's done boys.




Totally unperturbed they struttted past my truck window with just a rustle of feathers


Almost totally unperturbed. I did get the 'stink-eye' from one of them who probably sensed that this carnivore was getting pretty hungry by that time.



A very long way from the original dinosaurs from which they evolved, or are they?




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