A bit of me and some of my former and current activites:

I also used to SCUBA dive, sky dive (soon again - on both counts) and sail ( a 16-ft Prindle catamaran). Today I ski a little, do aerobics, lift weights, travel, read, and do 3D Computer Graphics, leaving me with a full and busy retirement.


In the 80's I had the opportunity and privilege to fly quite a bit in fighter aircraft. This one a US Navy McDonnell Douglas F-4


Instrumented Dove

A requirement to graduate from Dr. Shawn Roberts' 'mini'-flight test training school, I had to take off and land this De Haviland Dove.
 This is a US Navy TA-7. I spent many exciting and fun hours in that aircraft.


VP65 Flightline - NAS Point Mugu

Something I miss tremendously, spending countless hours (approx. 600) in the Pacific skies aboard the Lockheed P-3



I also used to spend time at Edwards AFB to watch the Space Shuttle return (or fly out). On the left, Columbia returns from space, accompanied by an F-5 NASA chase planes. On the right, Challenger was flown (1984) from Edwards AFB, CA to Kennedy Space Center, FL, atop a specially built and modified NASA Boeing 747 aircraft. More pics here: Space

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