Mexico & Central America 2013

By now this is history. The actual trip(s) can be looked up under the respective country heading: e.g. Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, etc. etc. here:


As planned, I flew into Mexico City, spend three to four days there, mainly to see the city center, Templo Mayor, the Cathedral, the fantastic Museum, and to spend some time walking where Mexican and foreign tourist walk. Makes for an interesting weekend. There is a lot of activity around the Cathedral in particular. Via the hostel, where I stayed, I took a day's tour to visit another site right in town, Tlatelolco. Definitely worth the trip. I absolutelu had to take a tour to Teotihuacan, and then fly to Cancun on the Yucatan peninsula to see the Mayan ruins (outlined in more detail below) and on my Mexoco specific pages.


Cancun and the Maya Road: I am warming up to Frommer's suggestion to fly into Cancun, take a few days there to swim and dive, and then, in my case, traveling by buses all around that amazing archaelogical treasure trove. A fantastic way to travel and see and compare the various sites of the Maya culture. After diving and swimming at Tulum, where there is a uniquely located Mayan temple, I traveled to a number of the most important locations, beginning with Palenque. Not as commercialized and overrun as Chizen Itza, definitely a sight to behold, but in it's own way, a magnificen and varied temple. After having seen so many of these sites, I still think if there was time for just one Mayan temple to visit, it should be Palenque. After my grand loop that took me as far as the massive Calakmul, I headed into Belize and Guatemala for more superb sites to marvel at.



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Notable Mayan temple ruins can be found inMexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. Check the outstanding website of these two intrepid Mayan antiquities travelers out. Each name on their map is linked to a title image, below which you find a 'photos' link, that will take you to a site map with little arrows. Each of the little arrows is a link to a picture. Also note the 'next' link, that may be present at times. Theirs is one of the best practical resources on Mayan ruins I have found so far. These two ladies have been traveling the Yucatan sites for decades and accrued quite reputation in professional circles.

Similar goals (seeing temples and rain forests) exist for Central America. From what I read right now, travel there may be hazardous to your health, and I'm not even talking about 'Montezuma's Revenge'. I should be well past that by then. However, so they say, Costa Rica and Panama are quite safe.

One more added to the plan. The train ride along the Panama Canal from Panama City, on the Pacific to Colón, on the Atlantic side. (I did not. Instead I took pictures of those who did, and watching the great locks in operation - for me a much better way to watch the whole amazing process).

I will carry my mosquito net and mosquito/insect repellents. Still the best defense against the dreaded Malaria. Of course, I will also have plenty of Pepto Bismol tablets with me, just in case. I have not gotten sick since my trip to Central Asia, but you never know when it strikes again. I will also take a snorkel, only so that I don't have to rely on some used equipment, and have it handy when I want it. It does not take up much space and is very light.



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