Mexico & Central America 2013

At this time, I intend to fly into Mexico City, spend three to four days there, mainly to see Teotihuacan, and then fly to Cancun on the Yucatan peninsula to see the Mayan ruins (outlined in more detail below).


Cancun and the Maya Road: I am warming up to Frommer's suggestion to fly into Cancun, take a few days there to swim and dive, and then rent a car and in the course of two weeks drive a loop from there to all of the Mayan ruins (indicated by yellow triangles on the map), staying at recommended cities and hotels. Maybe a little pricier solution, but it gets the job done in reasonable time. After that, take a bus to Belize and start the Central American portion of the trip. Imange links to useful travel tips from


Trip preparations/Considerations
Mexico City (Teotihuacán: Aztec) - Villahermosa (Toltec) - Yucatan (Mayan Road) - Cancun (Scuba)
Mayan Temples in Orange Walk and - St. Ignatious
Copan (Mayan)
Tikal (Mayan)- Antigua - Lake Atitlan
El Salvador
Transit from San Salvador
Leon - TBD
Costa Rica
Jungle trip - coast
Northern Wildlife park area - Canal train ride: Panama City - Colon and back.

Trip preparations for an approximately 40-45 day visit of Mexico City, Yucatan, and Central America in Spring 2009 are under way.

Items of concern to me are:

1. Malaria - Mosquito Repellent - Travel in winter or spring only - dry season

2. Navigation - Charting a course without too much doubling back, due to the shape of C.A.

3. Security - doing research where to stay, how to behave, to not lose too much of my stuff, especially the camera

4. Food/Health - I will take the usual Pepto Bismol tabs, but also will carry a supply of protein/food bars to minimize my getting into local foods too much. The last time I got sick was in Central Asia, since then, no problems anywhere. Luck, or some sort of resistance? Getting that stomach discomfort is totally miserable. As for supplements, I will take fish oil caps and a multi-vitamin/mineral with me. That's all.

5. Transportation - How much of the trip to do by air, rather than in busses. Busses are the means of choice, no trains to speak of, and that means long, long rides with the locals. Not necessarily my desirement. There is a C. Am. air pass available. Need to check more into that.

6. Fitness -I decided that in addition to doing my daily push-ups, I am also taking an abs wheel along. It's small, light, and works in addition to the abs, the entire upper body. Other than that, I end up walking for countless hours during my trips and should stay in reasonable shape. Still, whenever I travel, it takes me the time I travel to get back into shape, once I am back in the gym. It seems always a big struggle starting back from just about step one.

7. Medication - I will carry bandaids, tissue, toilet tissue, & anti-biotic cream. I may try to buy a few anti-biotic tablets in Mexico, just to have them. When I had an insect bite in Vietnam and the bite infected, it took some time to find a working anti-biotic that finally drove that purple line back, that ran from my foot up my leg. I was getting pretty sick and feverish by then. A few days of taking the anti-biotic took care of the problem. The tropics tend to be a little rougher on the traveler, and pharmacies, hospitals, or doctors are not always available.

In time you will see matrix/table here which will have all of the countries listed. If you click on any one of them, you will see the exact itinerary, hotels, modes of transportation, and days in-country. That matrix will end up my personal, printed (and on-line) travel guide which I intend to follow pretty strictly.


Belize Honduras Guatemala El Salvador

The new flags that would be added to my flags page for this trip.

Mouse-over flags to see the names of the countries.

Notable Mayan temple ruins can be found inMexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. Check the outstanding website of these two intrepid Mayan antiquities travelers out. Each name on their map is linked to a title image, below which you find a 'photos' link, that will take you to a site map with little arrows. Each of the little arrows is a link to a picture. Also note the 'next' link, that may be present at times. Theirs is one of the best practical resources on Mayan ruins I have found so far.

Similar goals (seeing temples and rain forests) exist for Central America. From what I read right now, travel there may be hazardous to your health, and I'm not even talking about 'Montezuma's Revenge'. I should be well past that by then. However, so they say, Costa Rica and Panama are quite safe.

One more added to the plan. The train ride along the Panama Canal from Panama City, on the Pacific to Colón, on the Atlantic side.

I will carry my mosquito net and mosquito/insect repellents. Still the best defense against the dreaded Malaria. Of course, I will also have plenty of Pepto Bismol tablets with me, just in case. I have not gotten sick since my trip to Central Asia, but you never know when it strikes again. I will also take a snorkel, only so that I don't have to rely on some used equipment, and have it handy when I want it. It does not take up much space and is very light.


For the Central American component I would enter Belize to visit some of their Mayan sites, then continue on to Flores in Guatemala to see the fabled Tikal. Next it was Copan in Honduras, then to El Salvador, where my trip was ended.


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