Trouble in the Far Eastern Gambling Paradise:

What really affected our limited amount of time in Macao was the fact that my travel companion was from Argentina. We had no idea that they would stop her at immigration and after a lengthy issue, requested that she could enter, but would have to get a visa and pay for it. And we had planned on a one-day quick turn-around trip. It can be done, but has to play out without any delays whatsoever. Well, maybe next time. There isn't a lot on the island, but there is an old Portuguese center that I had hoped to see, since that was the first Western colony in the world, when Portugal, briefly, was the dominant sea faring nation.



Finally, after the immigration hassle for anyone who had Portuguese roots, Jordana was out and ready to trek around a bit, but we just ran out of time.


The elite travel a little different from the rest of us
For us it's time to head back
The employees from the hotels and casinos lining up to guide the next ferry-load of visitors and their money to their destinations
Safely back in Kowloon



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