Stockholm 2001


Stockholm City Hall, appropriately placed at the waterfront. Stockholm is all about the sea




A Viking ship shaped harbor cruise boat. In the background one of the ferry ships of the Viking Line. I'll be on that, next time, possibly going all the way to Helsinki, Finnland, and Tallinn, Estonia.
For the budget harbor cruise, you come to this pier. Not Viking ship shaped, but covers the same area
Stockholm harbor, a great place to wander around. Here an old Lightvessel built in 1903, now a museum



A market near the hotel where I stayed and a great place to browse and shop


This is where some serious female action takes place. Lots of German and other European tourists, mostly women shoppers


Summers may be short here too, but when it's on, everyone is out there, enjoying it.


Back then 24HR FItness owned gyms all over Scandinavia and I went to work out. This is one of the 24 Lift instructors, Asa. Since then, all the gyms were sold by 24 HRs.


It never changes. Once the women dress up, I can see them in the streets or a store and not recognize them. Same Asa, trainer


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