Yokota Air Base, Japan



Yokota Air Base

It's about an hour by bus outside of Tokyo, and I have been coming here on occasions, but with increasing frequency, since the 60s. Being a transportation hub, it is a way to get to other places as well, routinely to Osan AB in South Korea. I've flown from here to Singapore and from there, flying commerical, to other parts of Asia. Next to the base is a town by the name of Fussa. From there I can take trains to Tokyo and the rest of Japan.


It's late January and no sooner did I arrive, when it started to snow. It snowed through the night and did not stop until the next morning


It's winter 2018, and I have never been here in winter, much less, in snow. The reason I came here at this time of the year was my plan to get to Nagano and see the Snow Monkeys in a nearby National Park. Snow is the operative term here. Any other time of the year, they're just monkeys. :-D



A part of Fussa that directly adjoins the perimeter wall or fence of the air base.



One of the buildings of the Kanto Lodge


The halls and rooms of the Lodge are decorated with lovely Japanese art prints



The main building's comfortable lobby.


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