Senso-Ji Shrine

Asakusa, Tokyo


Senso-Ji Shrine

I come here often. It's memorable, the same, yet offers an ever changing face and experience to the visitor and photographer. This time I went twice. One day was overcast and gray, but the next day I went, the sun was out and shining brightly. I assure you, this won't be my last visti there. Since they do rent traditional clothing in a side street, a lot of young women who may not own kimonos, go there and dress for the occasion. People-watching is a delight, and they hugely contribute to it, to the enjoyment of foreign and local visitors - definitely mine. Getting there is simple enough, you will always end up using the Ginza line to it's final stop, which is Asakusa. Take exit 3 and you'll be where you need to be.


If you come by train (cheaper than the subway), you will change to the Ginza Subway Line at Kanda Station. There will always be attendants to help. I happen to look outside the station and saw this coloful corner.


The Asakusa terminal of the Ginza Line


As you come up from the subway station you will see these rickshaw guys plying their trade. They may do this for a living or might be students to get some extra cash and exercise.


The first gate and the inevitable selfies and my first Geisha of the day. Entry is free.


The crowds can be overwhelming, but are usually Japanese-polite and don't forget, you'll be very busy looking around


A very substantial selfie. While (understandably) not a fan of selfies, there are times when I love watching others go through the process.


I nearly started laughing. How could I not? She looked so normal cute, until she smiled with her two little front teeth.



It was a Saturday and there was some Buddhist festival going on
A long line of Monks was marching into a restricted temple, off to the left




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