Gyeongbokgung - Palace


My Seoul excursions always start here. The Dragon Tail Inn at Yong San Army base in Seoul, an hour's bus ride from Osan Air Base. Their travel office is wonderfully forthcoming with all of the maps and advice I might need.


Not far from base is a major subway station and from there, after one transfer, it is an easy and short ride to the palace.





I noticed those two at the ticket counter and loved their outfits and...
...asked them to pose for me, whch they graciously did.


I walked out of the front gate, because of the sun angle, and got my own little show.


Back inside. Let the fun begin. I was waiting for the changing of the guard ceremony (this is the drum they use). However, I got totally distracted by so many people in rented or their own traditional outfits, that I, considering the fading sunlight situation (we were between rain) decided to forfeit the ceremony and capture what I could of the colorfully dressed, mostly girls, on the palace grounds. I think I made the right decision. The changing of the guard ceremony can be seen twice a day, and conveniently in the afternoon at 1400 (2 pm) each day. Next time, when the weather is good. I already saw it once before, in 2011, under perfect conditions. So, I made the decision to let the girls carry the day. It definitely was a unique display such as I have never seen before.



So, please come along and just enjoy the sights as I did.






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