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Because of the waiting time for my Brazil visa and my trip to Iguazu, I expected to be flying straight from Buenos Aires to Rio. That meant that I would not make it to Uruguay. Not so, the desk personnel at the hostel said, and recommended for me to take the fast ferry across the Rio Plata and go to one of the places they liked a lot in Uruguay, Colonia del Sacramento. I asked about Montevideo, and the answer was, it's like Buenos Aires, but smaller. Not much there to see. Another city. So, I settled for Colonia. There is a custom building in the harbor where they stamp your passport and then you wait for the ferry to arrive. As simple as that. I had the option to stay over there and even continue on to Montevideo, which is not very far, either by bus or boat, but had to be the next day at the Brazilian embassy to give them my passport to be returned the following day with the visa. So, with that in mind I returned the same day, close to midnight. To the horror of the desk ladies, I walked both ways between the hostel and the ferry port. I don't recommend it, particularly not at night, unless you are a seasoned traveller.

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