Rapa Nui Hostel 2015

Hanga Roa


The gracious hostess/owner on the right and two relatives

A gorgeous copper chasing. She says it's at least 30 years old, in the breakfast area.

My bungalow and room - no complaints here. Not luxury accommodations, but maybe the best price on the island. The choice, as always, is yours.

Vaianny Guest House

Email: Residencialvaianny@gmail.com

Tel:+ 56 32 2100650


Tuki Haka He Vari S/N Hanga Roa

Easter Island

After she picked me up from the airport, the owner pretty much gave me the key, briefed me on what was and was not to be done (e.g. don't leave the door from the backyard open, so cats and other animals can't sneak into the kitchen) and cheerfully left. My room was large with a large bathroom in one of the bungalows. The place was just a couple of minutes from the main street where you could shop for any food items you wanted. She made a nice breakfast each morning and then went away. There were bicycles on the grounds, but other guests went and rented elsewhere. I never asked why. Maybe she had an arrangement with the rental place. Hango Roa is very small and most everybody knows everybody else.

BTW, I used Hostelworld to reserve my room here. Be aware of the extra fee they charge for themselves. The hostel never sees that money. You can email her and reserve directly, if you like or find her any other way you choose.



You can arrange the various tours, usually lunch is included (it was in mine) or you can walk around town and make your own arrangements, or rent a car, scooter, or bicycle, grab a map, pack a lunch, and do your own thing. I've seen people to that. It's a very free-wheeling situation here. Have fun and don't worry about the small stuff.


One more thing. Not realizing that one of the flights departs just past midnight, I got my dates mixed up and decided that I did not need another night. Once I realized that, the owner emailed me immediately and set it all straight.

She will happily give you full access to your room and the facilities until it's time to depart for the airport for half the nightly fee, if you like. She will drive you there. Or you can just sit in the backyard or at the airport and wait.


Something else just came to mind. Going the other way, in the direction of the base of the runway (a very long runway put in by the US, in case a Space Shuttle had to make an emergency landing), there is another supermarket. Friendly, not many tourists go there, and the prices seemed better than the ones on the main drag.

Well Recommended

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