Ecuador Hostels 2015




Colonial House Quito

Email: info@colonialhousequito.com

Tel:+ 593 2 3163350

Address:Olmedo E 432

Vincente Leon

The hostel is in the center of town, not far from the Basilica. There are minimarts not very far from there, additional infomation can be gleaned from the captions of some of my Quito photos. The hostel serves a very nice breakfast and arranges tours and has excellent information. Good atmosphere, in general. I did enjoy my stay, especially with my top-floor room with view out the back. Kitchen and coffee available to guests at any time. A friendly, warm and welcoming place. Click on their website, it has a lot of excellent information.



The taxi ride from airport to hostel, I assume, is expensive. I did not use that. There is a bus that goes from the airport to town. From there, at the terminal, they have drivers who take you to your final destination. Found a similar system in Buenos Aires.

Well Recommended



Villa de Tacvnga Hotel

Email: reservaciones@villadetacvnga.com

Tel:+ 593 32812352

Address:Sa¡nchez de Orellana
Guayaquil, Latacunga, Ecuador

The hotel is well situated, close to restaurants, they have a restaurant as well, parks, churches and so forth. The desk personnel is very helpful and accommodating. The rooms are nice, sufficient (I am a solo traveler) and there is a great viewing terrace on the rooftop. They serve a nice breakfast and the English speaking manager will have lots of information for you, depending on your plans. For me, the place was fine. I do not need a big party atmosphere and crowds. Others, who seek that, may want to try the Tiana Hostel, which, btw, has a very useful city map that you might want to get a copy of. They show locations of markets, restaurants, shops, and ATMs.



I arrived from Quito by bus, which lets you off in a different part of town. Grab a cab and tell them to take you to the Santa Domingo Plaza and the hotel even has an exit there. I have a picture of it. The door is usually closed, but has arrows that show you where to go to the main entrance. If that's closed, go through the restaurant entrance. As simple as that.


Very Well Recommended






Hostal Yakumama

Email: booking@hostalyakumama.com

Tel:+ 59372834353

Address: Luis Cordero 5-66 y Honorato Vasquez

Cuenca, Ecuador

The hostel is in perfectly located. Just minuted from shops, markets, restaurants and outstanding sights. My room was spacious as was the bathroom. The breakfast is good, but with a few purchased additions can be made excellent. I did enjoy my brief stay there and the atmosphere.



I arrived by bus from Latacunga and took a taxi from the bus terminal to the hostal. Not very expensive, but can't recall the exact amount. When I left I headed to Vilcabamba, to the Hosteria Izhcayluma, which runs a shuttle (not free but fast) from just around the corner from Hostal “La Cigale”,  street  “Honorato Vasquez  7-80  y  Luis Cordero, to their front door.

Very Well Recommended



Hosteria Izhcayluma

Email: izhcayluma@yahoo.de

Tel:+ 59372834353

Address: Vilcabamba, Ecuador

You make the reservation from their website (linked above) and they will close the loop with you. I can't say enough about the place. It's absolutely a class act. Check their excellent website for the rest of the information. Breakfast is outstanding, and you will find the best bread in South America right here.



From Izhcayluma I traveled to La Balsa (border crossing into Peru), and the Hosteria front desk had the whole complex trip planned out and condensed into a one-page guide that I still have.

Highly Recommended


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