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Rio de Janeiro

Injoy Hostel


Email: injoy@injoyhostel.com

Tel:+ 55 21 3593 6662


Rua Estacio Coimbra, 80,


Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro),



Another outstanding (and family friendly) hostel that I felt fortunate to have discovered in what seemed to be a city with nearly impossible to assess choices. Each flawed in their own way, I thought this was the best of all worlds. What made it so excellent, aside from cleanliness and modern facilities, hard working, helpful, and kind personnel, was the location. I had no idea how perfectly it was placed. Within less than five minutes you are at a Metro stop where you can buy a multi-pass that can be recharged at Metro stations, and have access to almost all of the major locations of the city. No need to put up with lesser accommodation to be closer to some of the sites of interest. They also serve a good breakfast. which is included. The hostel is as connected as any of them to local tours and activities. I found them through Booking.com, but there are other options. Reserve early. This place packs up fast.



In spite of being in the heart of Botafogo, a nice, safe, upscale community, the hostel is located at the end of a short street, away from traffic and noise, beneath a huge old tree, where monkey tend to visit. When you leave the gated alley, going left, you will find a large and inexpensive supermarket, or, going straight across the street, slightly right, there is a classy deli that is actually a rather upscale supermarket with a restaurant outside. There is a laundry, on the same side, in the same direction on the corner, that does excellent work. And within easy walking distance you'll find, opposite of the beach, a multi-story mall with food courts and coffee shops. For lunch or dinner, if you are so inclined, on the same side as the deli and the laundry, is a buffet place where food is inexpensive and good and can be taken out. Within about 30 minutes, a lovely walk around the bay, you will find yourself at the base station of the cable car to Sugarloaf Mountain. There is also a lovely path that takes you above the sea around the first mountain and to a place where the ascent to the top is. Coming back here, I could not imagine another place for me to stay. There are a number of banks, facing the plaza below which the Metro station is, but you there are ATMs, usually watched by armed police, in the Metro station, next to the ticket booth. Very convenient.

Highly Recommended

Lagoa Guesthouse

Lagoa Guesthouse at Booking.com

Please go to the website for more pictures


Tel:+ 55 21 3518 9000


Rua Do Humaita 392,

Rio de Janeiro,



Unfortunately, I needed one extra night to be in Rio, but Injoy was simply booked up (and this in the off-season). So, since I was curious about the infamous Lagoa and wanted to see for myself the state it was in now, with the Olympic Summer Games looming, I found a place not far from Injoy and Botafogo, although too far to walk with luggage, I opted for the Lagoa Guesthouse. Aptly named, because the Lagoa was very, very close. The hostel was in an interesting place, next to a very colorful but odd religious temple and conveniently close to an excellent, upscale supermarket. The desk personned was very friendly and knowledgeable. I had to use a shared bathroom, which I hate, but it really wasn't bad at all, especially for just one night. The breakfast, well, sucked, and I ate stuff that I bought at the supermarket. For me, it was all about location. and that's what I got, and I was ok with that.




Campo Grande

Oka Brasil Hostel

Email: okabrasilhostel@gmail.com

Tel: + 54 67 3026 7070


Rua Jeriba, 454, Campo Grande, Brazil

At least a 20 minute ride from the airport, less if you are leaving at 0400 in the morning. It is modern, clean, with excellent desk personnel, and will connect you to one of the contracted eco farms in the Pantanal. I was happy they talked me into it. There really was not much for me in town. A clean, modern, military town with a huge shopping mall about a 10-minute walk from the hostel. A Subway restaurant can be found at the mall, but also conveniently close, just off the main street on the left. They'll tell you. There are ATMs, a huge supermarket, and a large food court at that mall. They also serve an excellent breakfast here and have a clean and large kitchen available for use. I reserved them via Hostelworld.



Once they impressed on me that what I had come to see here was actually possible on the eco farm, I was ready to go. They checked me out, reserved my next stay for my return night, stored my luggage, and the next morning I was picked up by a Mercedes mini bus for the drive to the Pantanal (lunch stop included). It could not have turned out better, except if I had an extra day to spend at the farm.

Highly Recommended

Pousada Santa Clara, Eco Farm

Pousada Santa Clara from Tripadvisor



Estrada Parque Km 22 - Pantanal Sul | Zona Rural,

Corumba, State of Mato Grosso do Sul 79.301.970,


A nice enough cabin for myself, friendly staff, excellent food and the environment was all I wanted. I did not enjoy the night exploration, because the ride in the ranchero was brutal and we saw almost nothing. To me, not worth it. Everything else was outstanding, and I wish I had had an extra day there to do the boat tour. You are free to just explore locally or tour around with them. The choices are yours and yours alone. Needless to say, as you can tell from the pictures on my website, I had a blast and a very good stay, short as it was.



The address came from Tripadvisor, but since I got there via the Oka Brasil Hostel, they did the calling, reserving, and arranged transportation, and also stored my main pack for the duration. Nothing for me to do, but get up, eat breakfast, and be driven there. I had no complaints.

Very Well Recommended



Krystal Hotel


Email: krystal@krystalhotel.com.br

Tel: + 55 92 3233 7535


Rua Barroso, 54,

Centro, Manaus,


CEP 69.010-050

A hotel, a little past its prime, but well run and comfortable and in a really good location in the heart of Manaus. The room had a little fridge and a nice TV. The great theater is just a walk away, and five minutes gets you to a large supermarket. A little longer to the harbor and riverside. The hotel is part of Lider Hotel, just around the corner, where Amazon Explorers are headquartered, that does a variety of tours here. I took one of them and loved it. The hotel serves an excellent breakfast. The personnel is outstanding and the kind lady who mans the desk during the day speak good English and knows the area well. A bus from the airport (go to a window and pay there) will drop you off outside of the door of the Krystal, and will pick you up there as well. I do not remember how I found this one, In case you are interested, it can be booked through a variety of booking services and from their website, linked above.


Very Well Recommended



Soft Inn Batista Campos


Email: reservas@belemsofthotel.com.br

Tel: + 55 91 3323 7155


Avenida Gentil Bittencourt, 85,

Batista Campos,

Belem (Para), 66015-140,


For detailed info go to their website. I booked through Booking.com, but there are options for that. A modern, clean, efficient high-rise hotel in the center of Belem. The personnel is friendly, accommodating, and will help with information as needed. I felt very comfortable there and if I were to return, this is where I would stay. Very good breakfast buffet included. It was close enough to walk to a nearby park, shopping, and bus stops to connect to other parts of Belem. There are always taxis outside for a reasonable and fast way to get around. The trip to the airport is about 15-20 minutes, depending on the time of the day.



Using a map, and my sense of direction, I walked to the Gate to the Amazon, then from there to the old fortress and cathedral and the market place. I returned by moto taxi. A fairly easy town to get around in..

Very Well Recommended


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