Bolivia Hostel 2015

La Paz


The breakfast area (top floor) and below, I believe, a seating area in the lobby where people meet tourguides or meet to tour.

Hotel Las Brisas

Email: hotel.brisas@hotmail.com

Tel:+ 59 122 463 646


Calle Illampu 742

La Paz

I may have said this already, I feel that I chose extremely well this entire journey, with one notable exception that you already know about. This was another excellent choice, and I highly recommend to reserve early if you would like a street-side room. I was moved to one of those, when a bunch of travelers moved out to explore more of Bolivia, which I really should have. There is so much more to this country than La Paz. However, I discovered that I would simply not have enough time and needed to push on. This is a Hotel, but caters mainly to the backpacking crowd. There is a lunch-time restaurant on the first or second floor, and the rooms were clean and spacious. I liked it there. Great breakfast, too, and you can see the breakfast area in one of the picture above. The young lady at the front desk was multi-lingual, but I think spoke French even more fluently than English. They have a tour agency right there, and you can do bicycle trips to the former Highway of Death and ride it downhill on a mountain bike. There is more, such as trips to the jungle and mountains. Quite the adventureland.



There is a free walking tour of the city. The guides work for tips. I missed it, and so did it on my own. There are many warnings about walking around this city, but just watch your step, be aware, and when someone in a suit comes up to you claiming to be a tourist cop, smile and quickly walk to any intersection where there are usually uniformed cops posted. When you get there and look for your 'tourist cop', you'll find that you are alone and he has disappeared. Walking into a hotel, if there is one, a bank, or other store or nice restaurant, if available, will also work. They usally deal with foreigners and more often than not have uniformed armed guards present. Any of those will have the impostor fade away in a hurry.

The market, ok, Witches Market, is about as dangerous as any market there or in the rest of the world. I walked into it, through it, but did not linger. The lighting was not good and it got better pictures outside and left it at that.

To catch the open-topped sightseeing bus to the Moon Valley, I misunderstood and thought that it was not a very long walk, although my map indicated a good distance. So I ended up walking through a good part of the city and later back again. I am a fast walker and only stop here and there to take pictures, when I deem it safe. All in all, I felt fairly comfortable. I am sure that one can be targeted, but moving quickly, there are lots of police around and you become a moving target that is not easily intercepted.

One of the inexpensive meals from the buffet at the upstairs lunch restaurant (not associated with the hotel). It's basic and good, there is more, and I was between courses. In fact, when I thought I was done and was preparing to pay, they came in with this plate.

Highly Recommended

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