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Arbol De Suenos

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Tels.:(503) 2263-2545 y (503) 2264-7200

89 Avenida Norte No. 719, Colonia Escalón. San Salvador El Salvador

After the fiasco of having had all of my gear stolen, near the beach, this excellent hotel went a long way to soothe some very hurt feelings on my part and restored my faith in the population of El Salvador, who are, from all I can tell, suffering losses at the hand of criminals on a daily basis. This place is totally secure and in a very safe part of the city. It is located across from the World Trade Center and the Crowne Plaza Hotel and surprised me with its cool and elegant interior. Service is wonderful, the place is spotless, and coffee and breakfast is included. They will arrange safe transportation for you, too. I surmise that because of their location, the majority of their clients are business people. There are also bus connections that can take you to the shopping mall and movie theaters.

Highly Recommended


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