Ancient Baki (Baku). The tower (foregound) and some of the city wall are still standing


Following a great stay at the Moscow Airport Novotel, and outstanding breakfast, and, for me, a chat with this lovely Novotel employee, it was up and away for us


Aeroflot from Moscow to Baku, where, true to form, it arrived without most of my luggage

The orders were given, and they were, 'Spread out and spend the time awaiting transportation around Baku'

The largest target was clearly the ancient watchtower used to look for pirates
There were not only great views from the top, but also a museum inside
After having had my fill of the views from the top, I took to the streets to find some of the old city wall remains


Ranging pretty far afield I got to admire the delightful mix of ancient, colonial, and modern construction




And I did find some of the remaining ancient wall sections, well integrated into newer contruction projects


Later I ran into Tom looking contemplatively at the Caspian Sea, not inviting going for a swim. Oil drilling, Eastern style, has left its mark. It was just the beginning of great wealth for Azerbajan. Tom was, like myself, a former US Navy P-3 aircrew member, but now a big Ted Rall radio show fan.


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