A wooden cathedral, one of the few buildings still standing, after a major earthquake. View from my room.

Heavy Russian trucks outside of Almaty
Almaty is a resort town with a great central pedestrian walkway

From there adventure tourist head into the moutains and to Lake Issyk Kul, most of our group did. I didn't, since I took ill in Tashkent. Our man from Berlin arranged transportation. He is, btw, now located here in Almaty. This one will take a bicycle group into the mountains. Here bikes are foam-wrapped to keep them from damage.

Weddings at the wooden cathedral from the age of the Russian Czars
There's also a great SUM, Soviet era multi-story department store, where everything can be had, from food to Baltic amber jewelry to sex education, the latter behind a discrete curtain, and assorted appropriate paraphanalia on sale.


There is a lookout mountain that we went to via cable car, too late in the evening, though



And one is definitely stylish in Almaty



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