Mt Whitney 2010




Approaching the road to the Whitney basecamp from Lone Pine, where you will also find the Ranger Station at the entrance of town where you can get your permits





The parking lot, near the base camp area. You don't need a tent, just put money in a provided envelope and pick a spot for your sleeping bag. Nearby a pond, a small restaurant, souvenir and provisions shop, and Whitney Portal.




Approaching the tree-line. Beyond that, only rocks and small plants.



Above the Tree Line

The campground at around 10,000 feet

The cables, a welcome sight, coming up and descending through the so-called 99 Swtichbacks. After what seems like hours, swtiching back and forth, this is about the half-way point between the campground the trail crest



Why there are cables in that spot
At long last, Trail Crest at 13,600 ft


A nice spot to take a break, during the relentless rush back down. The rocky, monotonous part of the mountain is finally well behind you.


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