Pixologic is the company that produces and markets a unique software package that has been around for a long time, but evolved from a 2D-3D artist tool to an amazing 3D sculpting software used in countless movies, games, illustration, animation, and scientific visualization. This happened to be the very presentation I was sitting in on..


Click on the image and then go to the same image there and click on (PLAY) to see a cool movie VFX reel


Here examples of the Zbrush software interface and work


The presentatons took place on the studio/campus grounds of the Gnomon school, where pixologic resides as well. The two companies are a great match, since Gnomon also is involved in Zbrush training, as you can see here.


A large sculpture on the Gnomon School ground on Cahuenga Blvd
Sauron and his ring, from Tolkien's trilogy


Scenes and mattes from Titanfall (video game) displayed in the Gnomon School gallery


A work in progress


Some of Zbrush and other software
creations are reproduced via 3D printers


To me, at least, this is very cool stuff, be it the painting or the busts




Yup, that guy, from the Harry Potter movies


Gnomon School
Talents with fertile minds and nimble fingers at work



Because of what I learned at the show, I now rearranged my desk and workflow as shown.