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Washington DC 2012

An Abridged Space-A Adventure:

With limited time available I just took a few pictures, hurrying from place to place. It was a refresher for me, after a long absence from the Capital.

I had planned on a visit there and then to continue on to Ramstein AB and from there to RAF Mildenhall and pre-Olympic London. Alas, this is the holiday season, and when the schools here at home and the Defense Schools all over the world are out, the space-A system gets clobbered with families traveling hither and yon. Best for us Class 6 (bottom of the totempole) retirees to get out of the way. We have the rest of the year to travel, when everyone else is at work or in school. I gave it a shot, learned much, got evicted from my military lodge room at the Presidential Lodge on Andrews AFB, and ended up at McGuire AFB in New Jersey. Got lucky and slipped through the cracks and ended up home again, six days after I left, at Travis AFB. All's well that ends well. I'm packed and ready to try again, and will. I have unfinished business in Washington and environment, but off-season, where I belong.

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