Ljubljana, Slovenia 2011

Hotel Emonec

Wolfova 12

ph. +386 1 200 15 20

E-mail: hotelemonec@siol.net


The hotel is easy enough to find when you arrive either with the airport shuttle or the train. There are taxis and local transportation to get you closer, should you want to shorten the walk. There is an excellent tourist information office in the main station that can tell you which of the buses will get you close to the hotel. The hotel itself is located off a street, right next to a central city park, and you will walk through a gate under an apartment house into a courtyard, where you will see signs and an entrance on the right side. There is a streetside sign as well. The rooms are clean, as you can see from their website, created in sterile efficiency with cute, diminutive TVs. The breakfast is very nice and plentiful and the personnel, night shift front desk, room domestics, and breakfast lady, are sweet and helpful. The only fly in the ointment for me was the day-shift desk clerk, who seemed to suffer from some ailment that put him into a pernanent foul mood. He must be one busy man, to be willing to give so little time to guests with questions. He was at best, brusquely courteous and it ends there. Again, no problems beyond that to speak of. The location of this hotel is absolutely tops. You are by the river and in the middle of all of the riverside restaurants and bars. There definitely is an active nightlife here. When you exit the hotel and turn right, you will see the large park. Walk through it and either use the underpass or cross the street outright by the light and you will be at a very large department store with a food department in the lower level. You can even get prepared hot foods and pizza there, to take out. The town is great for walking and pretty in a Disneyesque way. Everything seems perfectly placed for maximum eye appeal and visual effect.


You should make a reservation before you go, since that hotel is often full

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