Muscat, Oman

The Lanavilla


Muscat, Oman

Telefon +968 93356310

I forget actually how or where I ran across the information for Lanavilla, but am more than happy that I did. A wonderful place that is located right on the beach, permitting me to go swimming in the Gulf of Arabia every morning, when only a few early risers and the fishermen were up and about. The proprietor, Mic Wensauer, spends all of his waking hours, don't know when he sleeps, actually, fretting over and taking care of his guests. He arranges all sorts of local and long-range tours, and has a small group of dedicated drivers around, all from a family, who will take you to or pick you up anyplace in and around Muscat. When you out about town, give them a call, and within 20 minutes one of them will be there. No games with the prices there. The rooms are excellent, spacious, and perfectly equipped with everything you need. In the great room below there is also a computer available for those, like me, who travel without one. There is an Indian restaurant just down the way, by the corner of the block, where you can get some tasty and inexpensive foods. Breakfast is taken care of by Lanavilla and coffee or tea are on hand around the clock. The lovely lady who works and lives there, will also take care of your laundry for a reasonable amount. The guesthouse is clean and comfortable. Were I to go back to Muscat, there is no question in my mind, that I would stay there and nowhere else.

Highly Recommended

Make sure that you call ahead, since this small and popular guesthouse is full, much of the time.

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