Thessaloniki, Greece

Hotel El Greco

23 Egnatia Str., 54 630 Thessaloniki - Greece

ph. +30 2310 520 620

Amazingly, the bus from Skopje dropped me off very near the El Greco Hotel. Nearly everyone in the area knew how to direct me there. The rooms are smallish with a tiny TV, but have what you need and a balcony. Great place to dry clothes, if you must. The included breakfast is excellent and hot water is available anytime. All in all a nice and well located hotel. The only fly in the ointment, so to speak, was the nightshift desk clerk, who was a bit of a prick, where men are concerned, i.e. he would snap out any information you wanted, but always made you feel stupid for asking. Where women are concerned, he just about flew from behind the desk and fawned and blathered on and on, smiling from ear to ear. Access to public transportation is outstanding, and you are pretty much in the center of the city, surrounded by shops, malls, bakeries, and all manner of restaurants and supermarkets. In fact, a nice market is almost directly across from the hotel. Bus 32 will take you to the large and modern bus terminal, where you can get all the connections you want to travel within Greece and to neighboring countries. The train station is quite close, too. In addition to this, the hotel provides four excellent computers for guest to use, free of charge. Were I to go back to Thessaloniki, I would not hesitate to stay at this hotel. Thessaloniki was not the goal of this side trip, but the museum of Pella, going back to the Macedonian empire and the tomb of Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great in Vergina. Both places are easily reached by public transportation from here.

Well Recommended


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