The Coral Deira


Al Muraqqabat Street, Deira
P.O. Box 82999, Dubai – UAE
Tel + 971 4 224 8587
Fax + 971 4 221 7033


I did some research and realized two things, Dubai is expensive, and after Afghanistan, I probably was ready for more than another guesthouse or hostel. Not the fanciest or newest, not the best possible location, but the best value for the money had me decide on the Coral Deira. I did not expect to find it as easy as I did, although it took about a 10 minute walk with the large backpack, so what? Everything else is really easy. From the airport, upstairs, leave via the Metro and get off at Al Rigga Rd. There are large maps in each station, and it is easy to find your way around, conversely, you can ask any of the friendly, usually English-speaking assistants that roam the stations and they will help you with a smile. This will be also your station from which to explore this amazing city. So, given that, the hotel is quite excellently placed. The staff is very helpful and the hotel is clean and a pleasure to stay in. There is a travelers desk, where there will be usually someone to assist you to get to any place you desire. But there are also excellent maps available for free in the lobby. I decided that, my timing was good and walking was no problem, the worst of the summer heat was over. They do serve an absolutely incredible breakfast spread, possibly the best I have ever encountered for a reasonable price. I'd say you owe it yourself to partake at least once during your stay there, and spend an enjoyable hour, reading and eating there. They also have a dinner buffet. I can't speak to that, since I did not eat there. To please the more thrifty side of yourself, there are Filipino Marts across the street that are not only packed with Filipinas each evening, but also can supply you with many of the foods you might like. Better yet, if you turn left, when exiting the hotel, after a few minutes' walk you will see a very large supermarket that not only has pracitally anything you might want, but also serves warm food to go. Other than that, use the Metro to go virtually anywhere in the city. That and a short or medium walk will take you to all sorts of great places, shopping malls, the beach, and interesting sights. Purchase a day ticket at any Metro counter and you've got it made.

Highly Recommended

NOTE: The airport is large and accommodates huge numbers of travellers with a minimum of delay. As soon as you passed immigration and security, you will see a Duty-Free store and as you face that, on the right end there is an ATM to let you withdraw some local currency. However, the Metro station (upstairs - there are signs pointing to it) accepts credit cards, as does virtually everyone in Dubai.

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