Zagreb, Croatia

Palace Hotel

Trg J.J. Strossmayera 10,

ph.+ 385 1 4899 600


A very capable and friendly desk clerk and also a photographer

I stayed there twice now, and whenever I will find my way to Zagreb, I will stay there again. A wonderful stately old hotel that envelops you with comfort and care. The rooms are spacious and clean, the breakfast outstanding and among the very best I have experienced anywhere in the world, and the personnel to a man and woman, most accommodating. Computers are available for your use in the lobby. Hot water for tea or coffee is always on hand. The hotel is just a few minutes's walk from the main station, and the tram to the bus terminal that will connect you to the airport shuttle from the bus terminal stops just a few meters from the entrance. Additionally, you can walk within minutes to any number of shops, malls, markets, restaurant, bars, clubs, and sights, An archeological museum is on the next block on the same side of the street, in direction downtown.

Highly Recommended

You might want to check for availability first since this hotel will be quickly filled during tourist season.



Dubrovnik, Croatia

Villa Ivan

Cilipska 21a


ph.+ 385 98 905 1847

View from the balcony. I never tired of this spectacular scene.

It was great to have Ivan waiting for me at the bus terminal. A most pleasant man and caring host. He has all of the information and shares it readily. The room I had was a room with a spectacular view from the balcony. At any time of the day and night, I never tired of looking out or sitting there in the late afternoon, enjoying the setting sun and the fantastic view of the new harbor. There are buses that connect the street below to the Old Town, but I never bothered, I just walked back and forth and totally enjoyed myself. It may be different if you have a demanding roommate. There are lots of stairs involved in Dubrovnik and for that reason you see very few overweight people. By the time I got there, I had been on the road for two months and walking hills was nothing to me, but a little bit of welcome exercise. Near the guesthouse you have, down by the old harbor, a large mall and supermarket, also, very close to that a very large Konzum. You will lack nothing. Breakfast is well done and hot water for coffee and tea is always available, because you will have a complete kitchen at your disposal. If you want sandwiches instead, at the bottom of the hill there is a Russian bakery and across from there a small market where the lady will happily create a sandwich to order, or sell you the ingredients so that you can make your own with the fresh bread from the bakery across the street. I would not even consider staying anywhere else, should I find my way back to Dubrovnik.

Highly Recommended

You might want to check for availability first since this small B&B will be quickly filled during tourist season.



Split, Croatia

Private Accommodation Hostel Antonio

Zadarska 7


ph.+385 21 34 6128


The easiest way to get to Zadarska 7

Stepping out of the front door of Zadarska 7 you are in the midst of it all

A very special place to stay, inside of the old palace walls. Be aware that the buildings are old and suffer from anything that might come with that ancient infrastructure. The room was pleasant and had a comfortable bed, TV, and an attached kitchen area. Between the windows of the bedroom and the kitchen the place airs out quite well. The location, of course is priceless. You are but 10 minutes from the train station and bus terminal and in the midst of all of the shops and sights that make the area special. Nearby are markets where you can shop and a bakery is just down one alley where you can get fresh bread. In fact, I just recall seeing a, I think it was a Konzum, just around a corner from the guesthouse. Because of the numbering system, the entrance was a little difficult to find, but look for the eye doctor or optometrist and walk in, up the stairs, and keep on climbing and you will see the doorbell. The excellent Lonely Planet review has a picture of the entrance, excactly opposite of what I show here. What really gives the place character is the lady of the house, Danica. She speaks excellent English and is a lovely fountain of information and will give you all of the tips and advice you need to make the visit a special and unforgettable one.

Well Recommended

You might want to check for availability first since this hotel will be quickly filled during tourist season.



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