Mostar, BiH

Villa Fortuna

Rade Bitange 34,
88 000 Mostar,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

ph.+ 387 36 580-625/552-197

Right where you want it to be. This excellent facility is just a couple of minutes from the Bridge and near just about anything else there. I ended up there because the place I had opted for was closed for renovation, and Hostelworld did not know. So I went around the corner to look for another place, saw this, and knew I would be in the best of hands. The rooms are large, clean, excellently equipped and very comfortable. Breakfast was included and outstanding. What really made this hotel are the people who work there, from the lovely desk/office personnel to the ladies who took care of everything else. It's a class act that needs to be reserved early to get in. Were I to return to Mostar, I would not hesitate and stay only here. They have maps, wifi, a backyard party room and outdoor bar, and just about anything else you might want, including the arrangement of tours.

Highly Recommended

You might want to check for availability first since this hotel will be quickly filled during tourist season.


Sarajevo, BiH

Hostel Skend

Tekija 12,
71 000 Sarajevo,
Bosnia i Herzegovina

ph.+ 387 61 53 77 75

This popular guesthouse is an institution around Sarajevo. Well known by all and well connected. The owner treats you kindly and generously. Breakfast is included, as is coffee anytime. There is a computer for anyone to use in the breakfast room. The rooms are clean and comfortable with TV. They have laundry service as well. The guesthouse is in easy walking distance from all the sights of Sarajevo including a shopping mall with a Konzum store downstairs, where you can get anything to keep going in comfort. Were I to return to Sarajevo I would stay here again.

Well Recommended

You might want to check for availability first since this guesthouse will be quickly filled during tourist season.


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