Tirana, Albania

Hotel Viktoria

Rruga e Elbasanit, Sauk, Tirana


ph.00355 6954 06 986


View from my window

Being a bit outside of town, made this lovely, new hotel even better. Not just is the price excellent, but everything is near new and in a quiet part of the outskirts of Tirana, past the US Embassy and university campus. There are buses that make it a short and pleasant walk to get to town. The hotel is a family endeavor and son and daughter, both of whom speak excellent English, are usually around to greet and take care of the guests. There are two brothers (kids of exteneded family or friends) who are over the top trying to be helpful. Mom cooks the included breakfast, and also cooks excellent Albanian fare, for a reasonable price, from scratch, if asked, at any time of the day. The rooms are spacious and clean and equipped with flat screen TVs. The gallery on their website is quite spot-on. Laundry service is available as are trips to town, for a small fee, if you want to go to a particular location and do not want to wait for buses. On the way back from the busstop you will pass little eateries, should you opt for that, where you can get a nice local meal or sandwich made. The area where the hotel is located is changing, as is much of Albania and especially Tirana, and is being developed. For now, sitting in the backyard and garden of the hotel, in the morning sun, is very peaceful and enjoyable. There even is a small bar in the hotel where you can chat and plan your next move over a cup of hot coffee or a drink or two. Without any hesitation, were I to return to Albania, this is where I would stay.

Highly Recommended

You might want to check for availability first. The word on this hotel is spreading.

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