CVJM Hotel
Graf-Adolf-Str 102, 40210 Düsseldorf
02 11 17 285 0

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Highly Recommended!

Current Data. Single rooms start at 70 EUR including breakfast buffet..

I've stayed there two or three times already and will stay there anytime when I am in my original hometown, Düsseldorf. In 2012 I'll be there for a class reunion. I love the location, just a few steps from the main station. Very clean with modern, bright and efficient rooms and an excellent breakfast buffet. The close proximity to the main station allows for convenient getaways to various German cities. There is also a laundromat nearby, and a post-office right across from the main station. Nearly directly across is the little Turkish stand-up restaurant Andalu and for the money, the best thing around. Going to the Kö (Königsallee), the premier shopping street in Düsseldorf, one can find in the Gallerie mall, during the week, an excellent stand-up restaurant in addition to numerous fine restaurants and cafes. . Below is a Kaiser grocery store. Keep in mind, for those who travel Germany, that virtually all stores, but a few tourist places and restaurants, are closed from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning, by law. It's always a Saturday afternoon race to stock up on food and drink for the weekend. In a pinch one can shop at the main stations, which usually have some fruit and food places open for the traveling population. Getting around town is easy. Just buy a day's or week's pass for the public transportation system in the main station, and use trolleys, buses, U-Bahn, and S-Bahn at your leisure.

Düsseldorf is a good place to use as a day-trip hub. Here you've got this excellent hotel right near the train station. From there it is just a 20 minute ride to Cologne, less than two hours to Aachen, where Charlemain's (Karl the Great's) bones are entombed. And a longer, but lovely ride to the Mosel valley tand Trier, Germany's oldest city, well worth a visit. Also, the Köln-Düsseldorf tour boats leave from here, and take you on a nice dinner trip up the Rhine river. Lastly, there is a very nice old town, a number of museums, and some impressive modern architecture, the new City Gate, and the State House, next to the TV tower, from which you can have a stunning view of the city and the twisting Rhine.


If that hotel is full, this would be a suitable substitute, reached by taking the trolley to the Kö, and then just a short walk from the trolley stop.

In 2012 I will try to stay at the CVJM again. I'll be in town for a (for me the first) class reunion.

Hotel Bristol

It too was completely renovated in 2000. incl. breakfast.


Kurpfalz Hotel
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Schwanthalerstrasse 121, 80339 München Tel: (49 0 89) 5 40 98 69

Highly Recommended!

Excellent breakfast typically included.


I absolutely loved the place. It is just two or three trolley stops from the railway station (depending if you exit it from the front, or from the side). Buy a multi-day transportation ticket. It's worth it and good for all busses, trams and subways. The place is bright, clean, and has the best breakfast included anywhere. It has a small Iranian run shop, to buy fruit and snacks, right next door, beyond that, a Laundromat, and another fruit store around the corner. The cherries and grapes were delicious. Small restaurants abound. I used the hotel as base for many day trips into the amazingly beautiful Bavarian Alps and to view Ludwig's stunning fantasy castles. Piece of cake. An Easy Everything Internet place (open 24/7) is right across from the main entrance of the main railway station. München is a place of great sights and tons of fun. Visit the BMW factory (make a reservation 2-3 months ahead - BMW website), or wander the city park, and act shocked at the nudists there, or go to the over-the-top city hall and enjoy the largest icecream dish you can imagine. Head for the Hofbräu Haus and Quaff a cool one or let yourself be dazzled by the many historic places that can be found in abundance.


Charlottenburger Hof
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Stuttgarter Platz 14, 10627 Berlin Tel: 32 90 70

$55-60, depending on season. Coffee or tea available in the community room at all times. Coin laundry in-house.

Well Recommended!

A very pleasant place to stay and well recommended. Food stores abound all around and it is just across from a S-Bahn station that takes you just about anywhere in Berlin and is just two, maybe three stops from the main Railroad station. No breakfastincluded, though a great bargain for Berlin. A restaurant is below and they do serve a nice breakfast. As usual, I prefer to buy what I eat and not frequent restaurants a great deal. From the hotel, it's a busride to the Egyptian Museum, where one can see the one and only bust of Nefertiti. The S-Bahn station right across from the hotel is the best and fasted way to get to nearly every major sight of Berlin. Make sure to go to Museum Island, where unbelievable displays of Greek staturary and one of the Babylonian gates are on display. The Pergamon Altar was purchased from the Turkish government and rescued by German archeologists from the Turkish natives, who were at that time buring the acient Greek statues as fuel. From there take a walk down Unter den Linden toward the Brandenburg Gate, past the huge and delightfully ugly former Soviet embassy. The US embassy is off a side street surrounded by fences and German police for protection. From there it's just a hop and skip to the renovated and glass-domed (thus totally open to the world) Reichstag building. This all barely scratches the surface of what Berlin has to offer. The extremely friendly hotel personnel has maps and advice to give out and there are large wall-mounted maps for the guests to plan their excursions.


Hotel Stadt Lübeck

With a very nice breakfast included

Well Recommended!

For those of you who would venture there, it is a place I recommend. The lady (day time manager) even provided me with some sandwiches when I departed for Denmark. Nice old place, directly across from the railroad station and perfect base from which to explore the interesting old city, built on a large river island. I went there because of the old and famous Lübeck city gate and the reasonable proximity (a very scenic commuter train ride) to Schleswig and the Haithabu Viking museum. The latter, well worth a visit for the history buff. When I was there, they had started the construction of a Hanse Kogge, one of those armed merchant ships that were probably too tough for the low and open Viking ships to handle. Those ships were the backbone of the merchant fleets of the time, and made the northern German cities wealthy. By now this replica should be displayed in the harbor. Being right by the station, this hotel is the perfect place for a stop-over to do local sightseeing and continue on to Denmark.


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