Metropol Hotel

NOT RECOMMENDED (at any price) $59/night (in 2001), shared bathroom in hall.

The hotel has two bars and a strip club below the small and not too cheap hotel. No private bathroom either,although there was a sink in the room. For the money, it was probably the worst deal of the trip. The noise goes on until 3 in the morning. The location is ok, but there are lots of other hotels in the area, right near the main station. This one just won't do. Copenhagen is a happening place, and it and the nearby Roskilde town, easily reachable by local train, with its great Viking ship museum made Copenhagen a great stop for me. There is also a marvelous downtown area to wander around in, canal-front restaurants, a great museum, the little mermaid statue in the harbor, and right across from the famous Tivoli amusement park, a very nice 24HR Fitness gym. This city, too, is a great candidate for bicycling.

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