Kuala Lumpur

The Novotel


OustanOutstanding breakfast experience included.

Yeah well, with Kuala Lumpur having a bit of a bad rep, regarding bed bugs, I decided to play it safe, plus add that one touch of luxury to this trip, as I try to do each time I travel. After having briefly looked at one of the inexpensive alternatives, near the outstanding and modern new railroad station, I fled to the nearest Internet Cafe and quickly looked up the deals I might get from the better hotels in town. I fondly remembered the Novotel and their excellent breakfast from my stay there in Moscow (by the airport), and since they offered an on-line special at the time, the Novotel was my choice. I loved it. The room ran me well less than $100 and was on the 19th floor with view of the KL Convention Center and the Petronas Towers. I could not have been more happy. The employees in the lobby gave me detailed instructions for sightseeing and the breakfast was every bit of what I had expected. The location takes you in a couple of minutes' walk to the Convention Center and the cool aquarium in its basement, and from there it's maybe five minutes through a lovely park to the grand shopping mall that occupies the bottom floors of the Petronas Towers. I am absolutely certain that a return to KL would include a stay at the Novotel. Only next time, I would know how to very easily use the monorail to get there from the railroad station, since I most likely would get to KL via express train from Singapore.

Highly Recommended

View from my room window on the 19th floorView of the hotel from the Convention Center

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