The Beach Hotel


Clean, very friendly, and the only reason for giving it a little less than top rating is really less their fault than that of the local situation, where hotels are concerend. You simply don't get much for the money in Singapore. What's awesome about this hotel is its location: Two minutes's walk from the Bugis Shopping Mall and metro station (in the basement of the mall). It's an easy walk from there to any of the major attractions, or, if you so choose, a two minute walk to the metro and then an easy ride to anywhere in the city. Busses, too, are a great choice to travel around town, and bus stops are everywhere near-by. For excellent food, the street is packed with restaurants, or, as I did, you can go to the Bugis center and eat at one of the numerous restaurants or foodcourts there. The choices are limitless in Singapore. The room was clean, laundry service reasonable, and the desk personnel kind, friendly, and informative. My next stay in Singapore will most likely find me here as well, if for no other reason than the perfect location of this small hotel. All arrangements can be made from their informative website.


Bugis metro line stop in the bottom of the Bugis Center Mall

stepping out of the Bugis Center Mall I was looking directly at the street at the end of which, just visible on the right side, is the Beach Hotel


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