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10 short years ago

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The friendly, tirelessly working manager, Hak, and his mom, who have successfully run and greatly expanded the hotel since I visited there first in 1998.

The Freedom Hotel

When I returned after 10 years to this excellent and formerly Lonely Planet recommended hotel, I found it every bit as outstanding a value today, as I did back then. Except - it had gotten even better. The new expansion now includes a pool, gym, massage studio, a large number of relatively inexpensive, large and clean rooms, an enlarged restaurant, two Internet areas (one in the restaurant and one across the courtyard, and now even a brand new elevator that gives full handycapped access to the all floors.

The services, if at all possible, have even gotten better, and the range of transportation offered by the hotel now also includes the Cambodian tuk-tuk. For me this was like coming home, and I enjoyed the excellent meals there, as well as the rest of their amenities. Some of the employees speak English quite well, others need to stick to the script or menu. But hey, if you want everything to be perfect, stay home and rent a video on the Angkor Wat. On the other hand, for the more daring wealthy, but totally demanding traveler, there are now a dozen brand-new top-of- the-line luxury hotels available offering the finest of encapsulated and secure travel experience, ensuring minimal exposure to the locals or the environment, for an appropriately high fee. In my opinion, for the rest of us, and for the money, I don't think you can do much better than the Freedom Hotel. However, Hak told me that he and a partner also opened an even less expensive trekkers hotel near-by, but since I was more than happy right here, I did not even bother to visit the other location. For inquiries about that or reserving a room right here at the the Freedom Hotel, simply email them, and they'll respond prompty to any request. In fact, it is possible to check availability right on their website.

Laundry service is available, as is airport pick-up/drop-off.

Highly Recommended


I suggest making a reservation during tourist high season, as the hotel is frequently filled at that time.

On the right side, the original, now totally remodelled hotel. You can just see the new lift at the edge of the picture

The comfortable restaurant serivng lots of very good meals for a reasonable cost

Our excellent tuk-tuk driver who took us around for five days


My friend Hak (see picture at top), formerly manager of the Freedom Hotel, still owned and run by his mom, just opened up a new and very interesting looking hotel of his own. If he runs this with the same care and attention as he ran the Freedom Hotel, I would say that the brand new Sonalong Village is bound to be a success.

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