Hotel Enny

46, Pop Bogomil str, Sofia 1202

phone: (359 2) 983 4295; fax: (359 2) 983 1649

I arrived by night train from Bucharest. It's a long train ride and that is the best way to go, other than to fly, and as you know by now, I had planned to follow the old Orient Express. It is not a very long walk from the train station to where Pop Bogomil street crosses the main street, Maria Luiza Blvd. As you exit the station, go left along the central mall, (there are ATMs everywhere), until you get to where it seems safe to cross the large street. In the distance you should see a bridge with four bronze lions on it. Stay on the right side of that boulevard, past the casino with the Egyptian theme, and keep your eyes open for a sign that reads Hotel Enny. There's a bank on the corner (with ATM) and the hotel is a very short way down the street on your right. The personnel is great. English is spoken, laundry done, the price is reasonable, and I suggest to reserve early. The hotel fills up quickly. A room in the back will make for a quiter environment. If and when I return to Sofia, unless I were rolling in cash, I'd stay here again. I like the location which has a unique little coffeeshop across the main street on the same side as the hotel. Food and goods are cheap in Sofia. As you go up the main street, away from the station (and hotel Enny) you will get to a central hub. There is a new indoor mall (food, mainly, and the best icecream I've had since Rome), with a synagogue on one side, and a mosque on the other side of the square. Continue on and you will get to all kinds of great sights, unique to this wonderful city. Note: In the basement of that mall you can also buy an all-day transportation ticket.

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