Pansion Leo (Leo Panzio)

Highly recommended!!

Kossuth Lajos utca 2/A, H-1053 Budapest V.

Tel: (00 36-1) 2669-041

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A family-run business, with slightly over-educated university grad students at the desk. Also, not the cheapest place by any standard, but, after having checked another hotel, that charged nearly the same, was more backpacker oriented, but offered a whole lot less, the Marco Polo, I decided to stay here. It was worth it. The place is just a few years old, and impeccable, superbly located, and serves a great breakfast. Ask for water, it is not generally served, but cheerfully provided. Getting around town is a breeze, with bus stops and metro right outside the door. Across the street is a Spar Markt, a German grocery chain and convenient to shop in. Go to the nearby riverfront and take the trolleycar up and down the river, to see the new theater, and the old parliament buildings. Getting to the hotel is a straight shot from the train terminal. After departing my train from Vienna, I walked toward the station main exit, but then, to avoid all of the touts and taxi drivers, exited left onto the main street at the side of the station. Taking the first major street left, then walking for a good while, keeping the station always in sight, until I got to KLu. There make a right and you see banners advertising the hotel. On the other hand, in most cases, take a cab, or the bus. Directions are on the website.

The red arrow shows the outstanding location of the pension/guesthouse


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