Backyard 1 April 12



I could have, should have gone skiing, even with an injured wrist, but instead I followed nurse's orders and stayed away from strenuous activities. It's not the skiing or snowboarding, but the occasional fall that might have proven devastating. So, on this brilliant snow sport day in the mountains, I got to watch the 'Three Stooges' on TV, one episode with Curly had me absolutely in stitches, crying with laughter, mess with software, and for a little while went out into the backyard to see what's happening there. Pictures taken with my Nikon D7000 DSLR and a simple Nikkor 55-200mm VR zoom DX lens, metering set to spot (VR on), no flash.


No one seemed to be caring about the above wallflower, hence probably the name, but all the buzzing excitement was apparently about the lavender.


What was amazing to see, in these photos, I could not see that with my eyes, the glitter and color of the nectar and pollen on the bees themselves and the reflections in their eyes.



This little thing hung out on my new magnolia that suddenly is very happily starting to bloom again


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