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Egypt has been redone and reposted, also added some recent ROK pictures.

And then there was this..May, 2015



George Lucas 2005

Bike R2 Death Star Skyhopper Tatooine


My first lesson, click on image for more

President Reagan

President Reagan



R2 on Tatooine Waiting for Luke Battledroid SWCon_Germany Stormtrooper Sandcrawler Maintenance Droid
Walker Beggars Canyon Jawas Tatooine 2 X_Wings Cloud City  
Orion capsule ISS and Shuttle SS1
BSG Original Viper Let's Have a Closer Look



Some pix from my brief visit there


Solar Eclipse 2012 & Egypt




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After the Shuttle: The Lockheed Martin Orion Spaceship, the SLS & More


SF Asian Museum
When I was young
Amgen Tour of CA 2010


Alma Mater

Women of Accomplishment (and Friends in spite of me)

Becki Tiana Marisa
Chocolate Architect
Composer Pianist
Chef & Author, Traveler
Valerie Cynthia Lynn Johnson Emilie
Pole Dancing Instructor
Personal Trainer
Professional Photographer

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